Nagpur University Moulvi Aalim Fazil Exam

Syllabus of Jamia Arabia Islamiya

Mufti Mohammad Abdul Rasheed Khan Sahab established the department of Maulvi, Maulvi Alim, Maulvi Fazil and Munshi, Munshi Alim, Munshi Fazil according to the prospectus of the Oriental Learning Examinations in Arabic and Parsion of Nagpur University. He also established the department of Adeeb, Adeeb Mahir, and Adeep Kamil in 1954 A.D. according to the prospectus of Jamia Urdu Aligarh. Thus this institution become a great centre of higher learning of Arabic, Parsian and Urdu languages.

Download the Syllabus of Oriental Learning Examination, 1987 Arabi Junior Diploma (Munshi) Examination