One year Urdu Farsi Diploma Course

The degree of Persian and the Department of Theology were previously two separate departments and both had different curricula. The syllabus for theology was four years and the syllabus for Persian was six years. Thus, ten years were spent in the basics. In this department Persian language was taught from the beginning to the Masnavi Maulana Rome. Apart from Persian, subjects like Mathematics, Euclid, Geography, Hindi and History were also included in the syllabus.

The current administration has merged the two disciplines into a five-year curriculum that is equivalent to the primary level. Apart from theology education in Urdu language, History, Geography, Arithmetic and Hindi, English etc. subjects are taught in this curriculum. The fourth grade and the fifth grade also include Persian education. In this way, the student who has graduated from this degree acquires a good knowledge of contemporary sciences, subjects and languages and after studying from here, he can easily continue his education in any future education system.