Faqeeh-e-Azam Hind Academy


A) To improve the quality of education establish run and maintains preprimary, Primary, Middle School, High School& Colleges of vary faculties like Arts, commerce, Science, Medical, Dental College, Engineering, Technical Education Research in educational field for betterment of all child &women in particular.
B) To Provide faculties for Destitute, Disabled, Mentally Handicapped or sick children and Youth by;
1. Running Educational Centers
2. Providing Libraries
3. Providing Development Centers
4. Providing Health care Centers

a) Association is a non-political body formed purely for carrying out the welfare of FAQEEH-E-AZAM-E-HIND ACADEMY, NAGPUR with a view solve the problems of them, their widow and families and to ensure that the benefits, facilities and concessions provided by the central/state Govt. their undertakings a actually passed on to the members of the Association and their families.
b) To serve all the people without discrimination amongst all the religion, caste, language, place of residence or any of them.
c) To work for upliftment of SC,.ST., OBC,NT and minority people.
d) To solve the personal problems of the people.
e) To make arrangements for food and shelter for the senior citizens who do not have any heirs or any care taker and help them in all respect.
f) To make aware youths about the new policies of Govt. and provide them maximum guidance for choosing good careers irrespective of caste, creed, religion or race.
g) To establish home for aged senior citizens viz. Vruddha Asharam.
h) To bring about the emotional integration and unity amongst the people and enable them to contribute and participate in the welfare activities of the state and the country effectively and efficiently.
i) To help the handicapped and mentally challenged people through technical education and vocational guidance.
j) To provide financial assistance for medical treatment to the senior citizens and others.
k) To make the senior citizens aware about the facilities concessions and all other provisions made by various departments of the Central/ State Governments and their Undertakings.
l) To organize medical camps at various places for the benefit of the citizens by inviting specialist doctors, surgeons etc., and make arrangements for ambulance and medical facilities provided by the Govt. and private hospitals.
m) To organize cultural programmes, seminars and charity shows and such other activities deemed fit for raising funds for the FAQEEH-E-AZAM-E-HIND ACADEMY, NAGPUR.
n) To make efforts to provide employment to the dependants of the senior citizens in various Govt. semi govt. and other organizations viz Raiways, Tourism, ITDC and o central Govt. Deptts.
o) To request Govt. Semi-Govt. Depts., to nominate the members of the FAQEEH-E-AZAM-E-HIND ACADEMY, NAGPUR in various committees constituted by them.
p) To implement any scheme signed to the FAQEEH-E-AZAM-E-HIND ACADEMY,NAGPUR of India by varios departments of the Govt.

Financial Assistance:- It shall offer financial assistance to poor and needy persons, victims of riots and natural clematis. For this purpose it shall create economic incentives to meritorious students and financial help to deserving poor students for their studies. It shall create education fund for this purpose.
Development of Human Resources:- It shall organise various periodical programmes and special training programme for the education and development of youngsters.
Publicity Literature:- It shall publish useful literature including pamphlets books journals, periodicals and newspapers highlighting social ,cultural ,economic and communal problem or the benefits of the members of the Association.

Promotion of communal harmony:- It shall endeavor to remove the factors which are responsible for communal disturbances and shall work for strengthening the bond of fraternity amongst the people.
Public Health:- It shall promote public health by organizing medical camps, establishing medical centres and hospitals.It shall also organise sports activities, health clubs by arranging various campaigns/ competitions/ classes etc.
Co-ordination with other social organisation:- It shall endeavorto help other social organisation and seek help from them from time to time in the achievement of above objectives.
Managing committee:- The first managing committee of the FAQEEH-E-AZAM-E-HIND ACADEMY, NAGUR for managing bthe activities in accordance with the by laws shall be as under.