Rasheedia Urdu High School.

In 2002 the Jamia Arabia Rasheedia started Rasheedia Urdu High School. Now near about 200 students are studying in only 3 sections. Besides Education the Society provides computer Education, Sports Facilities and other activities for all round development of students.

A great education center in central India Jamia Arabiya Rasheedia is a famous centre of Education in Central India. It is not only a religious institution but also a movement of higher religious education in this region. It is a bright truth that the inspiration of obtaining the higher religious educations was created in the heart of Muslim youths after the establishment of this institution.


To provide qualitative education for the attainment of the Nation’s development.


The Rasheedia Urdu High School is a purpose driven school committed to developing Godly children to serve the Nation in leadership capacity.


Our objectives are as follows:

personal development for Providing enabling environment for all pupils in academics, experimental, creative and social skills.
Guiding pupils towards communal learning while balancing individual uniqueness and independence with healthy social relationships Creating a challenging academic environment with stimulating intellectual curiosity and encouraging love of learning that will enable each pupil to realize his /her potentials
We seek to achieve high academic standards to encourage self discipline and to provide opportunities to acquire sound moral values, responsible attitude and leadership qualities.
We endeavour to offer the widest possible range of learning experiences, based on the national curriculum. As you look through the prospectus, we hope that you will get a feeling for and capture some of the characteristics which are the hallmark of The Rasheedia Urdu High School.
There are four groups of schools, they are the Special Treasure, Foundation Classes, Nursery and Years 1- 6. Each class has its own teacher with extra teaching Assistant in the foundation stage.
Our business is the education of children, so we cater for the special needs at all stages our pastoral system also reflects this.


Admission capacity in K.G. School is 100 students, and the eligibility3 years and above.


Government Recognized from 1983, Having a good teaching staff for the students. Admission capacity in Primary and Middle School is 100 students. Eligibility is above 5 years for Ist class.


Admission capacity of High School is 100 students. And eligibility is VIIth standard passed Efforts are being made for Marathi and English medium.


Education with your choice. You can choose your own five subjects. They can also take the admission who has left the study. Concession for woman and S.C, S.T. Maulana Azad open university .
This schools are arranged with the latest academical requirements like laboratory and library in order to provide the pupils with every chances of knowledge.
Beside the regular classes of very ideal and effective moral classes, based on Islamic principles are conducted.
Now there are 402 students, studying in the arts college. Taj Tibbia Medical College, Rasheedia Degree College, Shari-Ath College, Study Centre Maolana Azad National Urdu University, Rasheedia High School, Rasheedia K.G. & Primary School, Sir Abdul Qadeer National Open School, Darul-Ishaat, Darul Qaza, Umme-Salma Girls College of Arts & Science.