Rasheedia Darul Ilaj

Jamia Arabia Rasheedia Darul Ilaj

Jamia Arabia Society always thinks about common and poor people for this purpose it started Rasheedia Clinic before 20 year. It is still running successfully.
The specialty of clinic is that it is totally free and provides free Medicine also.

T.B. DOT Center

Jamia Arabia started T.B. Dot Center with co-operation
with Local Government. It helps poor and needy people and give them
strength against the T.B. The T.B. DOT Center has been running
successfully from last 20 years.

Modern and Scientific Education

Mufti Mohammad Abdul Qadeer Sahab the brilliant and dutiful son of Mufti Mohammad Abdul Rasheed Khan (R.A.) became the Motawalli and Mohtamim of this reputed institution after the death of his father. He was born in modern age therefore he was braced with modern and scientific education besides the religious education. He was young and refresh and had very much through ad desire to work for the development of the institution. Therefore he made a new plan for it and added in it the schools of modern education and the college of medical science (B.U.M.S.) this institution became a happy confluence of modern and religious education.

Mufti Mohammad Abdul Qadeer Khan Sahab laid the foundation of Rashidiya K.G. Primary and Middle School in 1987 A.D. under the kind patronage of Jamia Arabia Rasheedia Trust. The School is now on the path of progress every year and about 700 students are getting education in it. It staff consists of twelve teachers.

He also established Taj Tibbiya College and Rasheedia Hospital in 1990 A.D. The College has on its rolls about students. Its teaching staff consists of 19 lecturers and one Principal Rasheedia Hospital is very much useful for common and poor persons.

The religious institute of Jamia Arabia Rasheedia continues imparting religious education to about 500 students learning in different religious departments. Madarsatul /Banat (Religious School for Muslim Girls) also came into existence with the efforts of Mufti Mohammad Abdul Qadeer Khan Sahab. About 175 girls are getting free education in it.